Download the mobile application for access to its services. Barcelona City Council's currently available procedures include the municipal residents' register, vehicle tax (IVTM) and the municipal towing service. You will also be able to access the Citizen Folder from a computer by identifying yourself with your smartphone. New services will gradually be added, not only Barcelona City Council's but also those of other public authorities and bodies or organisations that may in the future wish to use idBCN to identify their service users. See Services

EntitatsPublic bodies and companies

The next stage will see Barcelona City Council offering the use of the Mobile Digital Identity service to other public authorities and businesses that may wish to use it to identify their users digitally. If you are interested in using it, contact the Online attention service.

What is?

The system mobileID allow to the citizenship identify remotament of certain way through a digital identity that finds to his mobile phone. It bases in a register of mobile digital identities that allow to associate a number of mobile phone to each citizen that want to have of this new modalitat of acreditació digital.

Any user that have of a smartphone connected to internet (with line of data or through Wi-Fi) will be able to request and use his digital identity mobileID through an application, available for iPhone and Android.

The technical system that backs this identity fulfils the technical and juridical standards national and international of transparent way for the citizens, that only interactuen with the application of his telephone. This system will be able to use to access of certain way to places web, as well as to services loaned through other channels, such as the telephonic or the presencial.

Barcelona is the first city that implements a system of this type for his citizens, and puts it into motion to access to the municipal telematic services.


Mobile digital ID

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Since last September 8 Barcelona citizens can apply for a personal appointment in any Citizen Advice Office to manage their MobileID through the url
This new functionality provides to Barcelona citizens a fast way to obtain their CAID code or manage their digital identity in person.
Thus the City Council intends to facilitate the accreditation and management of digital identity, to allow the citizens to access to all the advantages of the MobileID system.

Mobile ID has received a secondary award from the Catalan Data Protection Agency.

A new MobileID service was released. Now you can use MobileID to generate an online negative debt certificate issued by the Municipal Tax Office. This document establish that you has no unpayed taxes or fines, with Barcelona City Council.

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